Hey im Luke. Im 19 and single. I'm in a band, I play guitar and sing. Oh and my best friends Dani ~Luke

(Open RP be Luke) Luke looks up at me. "Can I tell you something?" He asks. "Sure..." I say. "I like you... like more than a friend..." He says. I blush. "And I don't care if you're already taken... but I love you... and that won't change..." he says. I kiss him on the cheek. "What was that for?" he asks. "Because I like you too..." I say. He smiles and kisses me. (Credit to @ThenamesFinch )

Which 5SOS Guy Are You?

I got Luke! See which band member you are. Luke, Calum, Micheal, or Ashton?

Luke Hemmings ♥

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Wallpaper and background photos of VMAs 2014 for fans of Luke Hemmings images.

Getting some air>>>> Hehehehe oh luke

you're a special boy Luke Hemmings "Getting some air" "The edits that will be created" 5 Seconds Of Summer this makes me happy omg hAHahAAhahahHAHA

:::LUKE HEMMINGS::: "Hey I'm Luke Hemmings. I'm the frontman for Single. I'm a goofball. I love cuddles and food! I'm the soccer teams captain. I have a twin sister named Aspen, so if you hurt her I won't have a problem hurting you.

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5SOS Gif Preferences - 9- He Attends Your Wedding As A Guest

♡ he looked so hurt during this video like all of his bullying experiences were flashing through his eyes.<<<<< It's like you can see it, and his memories r piercing ur soul.

if you're struggling right now, remember Luke loves you & so do i ♡ i'm always here for yall, don't be scared to message me (:

if you're struggling right now, remember Luke loves you & so do i ♡>> awe, I love you too beautiful and you too awkward llama💖