Refashion two men's shirts into a dress

Refashioning 2 men shirts into a dress, would look great with long sleeves rolled up and a belt :) cute.My husbands dress shirts aren't safe anymore LOL

diy lace tshirt. I could try this with jeans too.

lace insert in top photo tutorial BASICALLY in a nutshell here…buy a tee…buy some lace…pin the lace to back of tee. Sew lace on the tee. Cut out fabric that is under the lace, but leave about and inch to sew back to the sides for stability.

Chic vest; add details. Looks simple. Had to use google translate. 1 meter of fabric; fold in half. measure 16cm down and 16 cm from fold to cut slits. Hem sides and slits if needed. Add details as you like.

: DIY: Wrap-turned-Scarf One square yard of fabric turned into a vest/wrap with just one cut. No sewing! whatttttt i have to do that!

how to refashion sweatpants into a skirt

sweatpants to kangaroo pocket skirt refashion {sewing tutorial for girls

how to refashion sweatpants into a cute kangaroo pocket skirt - easy sewing tutorial. cut out inseam, turn, sew sides, hem and make pocket if desired.

redesign remake upcycle  t shirt

How to quickly get a t-shirt to fit better. It is perfect for those work t-shirts that you get stuck wearing but are sized for someone twice your size. Fashion and Sewing Tips: RECYCLING OF SHIRTS AND T-SHIRTS - 2

Either way, this can be a fabulously easy and cheap way to get yourself some new layering pieces!

Easy T-shirt Skirt Tutorial

Very detailed tutorial on turning a tshirt into a skirt complete with pockets! I just made one with a navy stretch lace shirt (with navy lining). Super ultra easy =) The pockets are my favorite part. Melly Sews: Easy T-shirt Skirt Tutorial