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Nurse problems...Kristen this one is just for you..no sunflower seeds with shells!

Nurse problems.

This is my are you freaking serious move.I do this and count to 10 to keep from calling people out.

....I have been to 10 specialists, had numerous tests and no one can diagnose me, what do you think it is?

Most of the time I don't mind too much:). I try to remember that sometimes I call my nurse friends and ask them questions I already know the answer to just because when it comes to your own kids or yourself you become instantly stupid.

Haha! I agree! Nursing is like a marathon of final exams!

Nursing School eCard: Welcome to nursing school. Where every week feels like finals week. And it's only been one week of Nursing school so far!


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nursing school - so true (already)!

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Can I get an amen? Nursing student problems. Significant other-what's that? Friends-what are those?

Nursing school eCard--Everyone's getting engaged, married, having babies and wifeing it up.I'm just over here trying to pass nursing school and not get fat. ( haha how true is this girls!

So true.

Nursing school is easy. It makes me want to die a thousand deaths. I do NOT miss nursing school!

Bat shit crazy.

I am officially proficient a diagnosing bat shit crazy. Actually pretty much every patient and their family member is this.

Nurse lfe

Nurse lfe

Nursing School Shadow Box definitely making this when I graduate !                                                                                                                                                                                 More

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