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This Superfan Has A "Rainbow Brite" Themed Home

Peachie, Impressive Rainbow Brite collection. I’d just come...

Learn all about The Rainbow Land Museum - the largest Rainbow Brite collection.

Had this all, including a Strawberry Shortcake lamp.

I got Heidi's hand me down canary and trundle bed when she got her water bed until I got my water bed. The canopy was green and white polka dots.

I’m guessing this room was a huge influence on future raver kids. 9 Awesomely ’80s Kids Bedrooms

9 Awesomely '80s Kids Bedrooms

9 Awesomely Kids Bedrooms I had elements of the Rainbow Brite bedroom :)

80s girl room

on a shelf :) so many things i recognize here. i even had this strawberry shortcake shelf ;

Vintage Goodness 1.0: Vintage 80's Home Decorating Trends

Vintage Goodness Vintage Home Decorating Trends This had to have been the inspiration for the original decorator of my house!

Made in the 80s

While I made made in the tail end of the I still LOVED Rainbow Bright!

I loved this cartoon!

March 1980 - The World of Strawberry Shortcake television special airs in more than 90 U. cities and was later released on film, VHS, Beta, and DVD.