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Attack on Titan ((ugh annie,, i wanna punch you in the face and then kiss your black eye what the heck girl))

Annie is so confusing. She just destroys buildings and kills people without thinking, but she is also so profound and relatable like this and just what the heck.

Day 17: Favourite Male Support Character in Anime; Armin Arlert!! (Attack on Titan.) He's both adorable and intelligent, WHAT MORE DO I WANT?!

What are you reading, Armin? Armin "Yaoi" me "©-© can i join"

"Mikasa No"

Attack on Titan ~~ Testing a theory. :: Eren in Titan-Form, Connie, Jean, Mikasa, and Armin

Eren and his mother! Omg I want to cry!

Attack on Titan ~ Eren & his Mom - this honestly made me cry it's so sad making me think that poor eren died I lost it and broke down in tears. No I do not have an attachment to eren, mikasa, arimin, or Levi (yes I do)