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Creative photo Catch the moment hunting for a flamingo

Oh Beautiful for Spacious Skies...For Purple Mountains Majesty  America....America...God Bless... and crown thy good with brotherhood from sea to shining sea....

Bald eagle in Haines Alaska by evocativeimages

When I met bisons and fell in love with the Great Plains | La Tartine Gourmande

A buffalo chewing on the cud.

Složená kraťasy vektor

We Can Not Swim - picture, beautiful, duck family

canadian geese

canadian geese

21-vuotias Konsta Punkka on suomalainen valokuvaaja. Hän kuvaa pääosin Suomen luontoa ja sen asukkeja. Konsta on saanut paljon positiivista huomiota, ja hänellä on jo yli...

Photo by Konsta Punkka

Look Within ~ Bhajan (Mystic Verses) of Sant Dariya Sahib of Bihar "The musk is within the deer, But he searches for it outside in the grass instead of searching within himself. He runs back and forth, Wondering where the fragrance comes from. The fragrance is nearby, But he knows it not. Caught by delusion, he roams about. So do all people wander in pilgrimages and outer observances. If you wish to obtain your own True Home, Then find it by looking within yourself and dwell therein."

Deer drinking from pond. Buck with huge antlers.

(via Chicken legs.)

mysleepykisser-with-feelings-hid: “ “Baby Kill Deer” chick a couple days after leaving the egg behind. By Jude Haase on ” I watched a Killdeer nest - amazing and entertaining.

Silence after the storm by Caras Ionut

Daily Man Up (27 Photos) – Suburban Men

Daily Man Up (27 Photos)

Daily Man Up (27 Photos) – Suburban Men

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Beautiful Clicks Of Animals In WildBeautiful Clicks Of Animals In Wild

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loup noir

loup noir

The mirror! by Tom  Kruissink,

Canada Goose: The Mirror! by Tom Kruissink

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