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Mithra eli Mitra oli muinaispersialainen, alkujaan intialainen jumala. Hän oli aluksi mahdollisesti auringon jumala, mutta myöhemmin hänet käsitettiin myös valan ja uskollisuuden jumalaksi sekä totuuden ja oikeuden suojelijaksi. Ensimmäisinä vuosisatoina ajanlaskun alun jälkeen Mithran palvonta levisi Rooman valtakunnassa saaden kannatusta varsinkin sotilaspiireissä ja muuttui samalla salaseuralaisuudeksi

Head of a statue of the Roman god Mithras from Sindelfingen (Germany), now in the Landesmuseum Württemberg, Stuttgart

Mithra - Sol Invictus - unconquered Sun

Sol Invictus of Pisidia at Archaeology Museum of Yalvac Konya, Turkey. Sol Invictus (Unconquered Sun) was the Roman state-supported sun god, the god of Constantine the great

This is a broch, a fortified home built during the Iron Age, some 2,100 years ago. Brochs, unique to Scotland, are dry-stone, twin-walled, round towers up to 30m across and 15m high. Part of a reproduction broch was built at Strathyre, Scotland by the West of Scotland Dry Walling Association using only tools used around 2000 years ago: A team of 20 spent five days constructing a 5m high section of the Dun Lubnaig Broch. Click through for details.

Carloway Broch, zlomený zub na čelisti ostrova Lewis

Pasta vitrea trasparente - Vittoria tauroctona e Palladio su piedistallo con serpente - British Museum - epoca augustea

Gem of transparent green glass paste, engraved with a winged Victory sacrificing a bull before a Palladion on a pedestal; she has drapery over her left leg; at the foot of the pedestal is a serpent.

HALLSTATT CULTURE ORNAMENT 5TH BCE Mask of a man with beard. Bronze ornament from a Celtic wooden pitcher. Second half 5th BCE Height 8 cm Keltenmuseum, Hallein, Austria

Hallstatt mask of a man with beard. Bronze ornament from a Celtic wooden pitcher. Second half BCE Keltenmuseum, Hallein, Austria beard forms a merman

Laying out a Labyrinth

Labyrinthos - Labyrinth and Maze Resource, Photo Library and Archive. Home of Caerdroia: the Journal of Mazes and Labyrinths

CIMRM 49 - Mithras with Sol. Dura Europos, Syria.

Sol and Mithras in a fresco from the Middle Mithraeum at Dura Europos, Syria ca 210 CE

Roman bronze applique - man with Phrygian cap - 4,8 cm

Offered in Catawiki's Archaeology Auction (Ancient Art & Antiquities): Roman bronze applique - man with Phrygian cap - cm.

Primeros laberintos- Laberinto de Luzzanas, Cerdeña

Symbol present in the "Domus de Jana" of Luzzanas in Sardinia (Italy); it's dated about 6000 years old

Limestone male Etruscan head  C.600B.C Cyprus

Limestone male head Period: Archaic Date: late century B. Culture: Cypriot Medium: Limestone Dimensions: Overall: 15 x 9 x 11 in. x x cm) Classification: Stone Sculpture Credit Line: The Cesnola Collection, Purchased by subscription, Accession Number:

Ancient Cretan tetradrachma coin depicting the legendary Labyrinth (ΚΝΩΣΙΩΝ), home of the Minotaur. c. 300 BC

Ancient Cretan tetradrachma coin depicting the legendary Labyrinth of King Minos on Crete, home of the Minotaur.