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Fili (gif)-----this is SO funny ... just watch..Kilis face when hes rocking back in the barrelXD

Fili (gif)-----this is SO funny .Kilis face when hes rocking back in the barrelXD<--The heirs of Durin, everyone.

The Heirs of Durin. Neat graphic, and have to say (as blood-thirsty as it sounds), I am looking forward to their sorrowful demise in the next film...

The Heirs of Durin: Kili/Aidan Turner, Thorin/Richard Armitage and Fili/Dean O'Gorman, "The Hobbit"


Practicing with Orcrist. It takes constant welding of the weight to strengthen the arm and wrist. This is a heavy sword.

Thorin Oakenshield with Deathless

Richard Armitage as Thorin Oakenshield in The Hobbit Trilogy