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You were 19 by =popoks Photography / Still Life / Cut Flower & Plant Arrangement © =popoks

** no obligues a nadie a quererte , mejor obliga los a irse , quien insista  en quedarse es quien realmente te quiere . Siempre seremos para alguien la persona correcta que conocieron en el momento equivocado .Cuando estas arriba tus amigos saben quien eres , cuando están abajo tu sabes quienes son tus amigos .la vida tiene 4 sentidos  amar, sufrir , luchar y ganar . El que ama  sufre, el que sufre lucha y el que lucha gana..

Balloons bring such joy! Join Kim Caldwell, aka Kimmay for a photo session with colorful balloons in DUMBO, Brooklyn. Plus beautiful balloon photos!

still raining, still contemplating

Love Photography, working with special effects on photos Colorful People, Places & Things and Pretty Fantasy, Interacting with people around the world All the Goodstuff! All things Caribbean & Ocean & Beach, Love Seasonal Art & Photos I am the Real.


With her umbrella and red heels She headed across the bridge From the Fog towards the Light A wounded soul in melancholy flight

Buồn vui đời người không ở chỗ chúng ta gặp ít hay nhiều sự tình ! Mà ở trong Lòng mình nhiều hay ít sự tình ! Giản đơn một chút, tích cực một chút ! Buồn phiền tự nhiên sẽ ít đi !  Hờ hờ hờ ...

Beach photography is one of the most popular among photography genres. As the term suggests, beach photography includes capturing photograph on a beach. The idea to capture the charm of a beach,

Montmartre - my favorite part of Paris. The windmills, the vineyard, the little restaurants and shops behind sacre coeur....

© brassaï, les escaliers de montmartre, paris, 1936 I like the style of photography this person has because they are able to take cool pictures in the interesting areas of France.

'some people feel the rain, others just get wet' | bob marley

feel the rain.- I used to love going out in the rain in the summer so much fun. We're never to old to go out in the summer rain!

scream even if no one is around to hear it

swimming in the rain black and white photo enjoy life every moment

Dancing in the Rain

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This would so be me.....I love walking in the rain!

Artistic Cityscapes by Eduard Gordeev Based in St. Petersburg, Russia, talented photographer Eduard Gordeev takes impressive rainy cityscapes. His captures look as if they were acrylic paintings.

Dancing in the rain

Dance in the rain. Any rainy day just dance through it it will pass. Like a cloud full of rain. U'll look behind and its over but your rhythm is always there. Keep dancing