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Argh so annoying, the only bands that come anywhere near here are Hedley and Marianas Trench. Folk bands and stuff

I had trouble deciding whether or not to pin this to my "Funny" board. It's so true it hurts.

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Yep that describes my life and why I'm single. why is this so true . << I honestly don't give a shit about boys, but let's not forget "hi I'm a dead fictional character" unfortunately for me I do sometimes care about those ones.


I've only ever been to a One Direction concert and a The 1975 concert, but still SO ACCURATE

Pretty accurate

I usually hate fandom memes because they're cringy but this one is actually accurate for me

I do this to jai. Today she told me her new fave band is 5FDP. I have listened to them for a while now and told her "no, stop right there."

This is so me! Words can't explain how true this is. This literally happened to me like last week.

This is so true . Especially Black Veil Brides saves people i love you guys more then i could ever scream or cry 》》this is so true except my closest friends understand me

"I NEED TO SEE THIS BAND LIVE" then you realize they're not together anymore

This was literally me for ptv sws bvb fir atl aa miw and fob and patd and the rest of the trinity

YES BECAUSE I HAVE PANIC ATTACKS IF THERE IS MOSHES. Seriously though. I'm so claustrophobic.

I just wanna sit criss cross applesauce and listen to Patrick Stump sing,"What A Catch, Donnie."<<i wanna sit criss cross and listen to Tyler sing house of gold

More like go outside and see how many I could catch

What if concert tickets fell from the sky? - Maybe I could actually go to a concert

Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, Panic! At The Disco, Twenty Øne Piløts, and Dan and Phil. YASSSSSSSSS

Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, Panic! At The Disco, Twenty Øne Piløts, and Dan and Phil. YASSSSSSSSS<< search results for "basic emo starter pack"

Story of my life>>> literally. I am an introverted dork.

*puts thumbs up* But idk being a socially awkward teenager that listens to bands all day is kinda fun

VIXX - The Star Magazine 2014 that tattoo makes ravi look sexy as hell!

VIXX - The Star Magazine 2014 OK, eu realmente amei essa tatuagem do Ravi