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GOLD (Craft Photography): Ray-Ban By Marcel Paris, France

Mark Seliger Photographs Ray-Ban "Never Hide" Campaign Styled by Arianne Phillips

Decathlon / sporting goods by J.Carreño + R.de Lestrade, via Behance

A true master of photoshop Christoph Het has shown us a amazing series of his work - He has made famous advertising prints for Playstation, Nike, Motorola,

Wes Anderson Amex spot. My story, my card.

10 Great TV Spots Directed by Wes Anderson

CAST & CREW Jason Schwartzman Giada Colagrande Written and directed by Wes Anderson Cinematography: Darius Khondji Editing: Stephen Perkins Production Desi.

This just seems wrong on multiple levels.

This just seems wrong on multiple levels.

typography art.

The Print Ad titled Adobo Magazine: Haagen Dazs-(ice cream) was done by J. Walter Thompson Manila advertising agency for Adobo Magazine in Philippines.

My dearest friend! Live the dream!

This is the body I have been given. This is my weapon How I conquer. How I wage my war. This is how I have broken the world record 49 times. How I become the fastest thing on no legs. This is my weapon. This is how I fight.

Never Hide

Official Site

The Print Ad titled COP was done by Marcel Paris advertising agency for Ray-ban in France.

FedEx Express: Crutches

Print advertisment created by Escola Cuca, Brazil for FedEx, within the category: Professional Services.

The evolution of Apple

The Evolution of a Brand

Best Corporate Brand Logo Evolutions - a study of 20 corporate brand logos.

Oticon: Thief | Ads of the World™

Print advertisment created by Pedro Juan & Diego, Chile for Oticon, within the category: Personal Accessories.


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