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Oh my gosh. They know it would kill the whole fandom!

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Those girls are bitches for leaving Niall out. I hate those bitches. They should be kicked out of the fandom because they're not true fans. A true fan would include Niall.

Your board is invalid if you don't have these boys with there wings!! REPIN IT!! NOW!!

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One direction angel edit ❤

And this is why my nickname at school is cupcake...but most people call me Morgan Freeman..

haha :) Niall's and Louis's faces are the best!


Same order pictures get me every single time

The Boys On The Stairs are the ones I fell in love with.

Not even kidding. I wanted to know more about them, so I watched Video Diaries to get more of a feel for their personalities.and now, Im a dedicated Directioner. :) one-direction


One Direction - Niall distracting Liam during his solo in Last First Kiss. July 2013 at Hersheypark Stadium in Hershey, Pennsylvania USA. All the boys are sitting together and Niall and Louis are messing around throughout the whole song

"One Direction Funny Stuff" by zaluckyj ❤ liked on Polyvore

"One Direction Funny Stuff" by zaluckyj ❤ liked on Polyvor e:

There have been pins about people giving up and how they have lost hope in meeting them. But I'm not giving up and neither should you. Anything can happen! Even if you're one that gave up please don't leave the fandom just cause you think you might not ever meet them or have a chance with them. But, like I said..anything can happen. <3 #hope

Before I die. Pretty much sums up my bucket list

harry has the best analogies there is this one and the one of their house being like the ones on Teletubbies!

youre special harry haha

The boys winning their VMA award!☺<<< Look at Paul :) His face says it all :)

Should I start talking about Paul's proud face or Harry's jawline or niall's cuteness ?<< HARRYS JAWLINE PLEASE>> or what about the lady in the back going "Oh thank you sweet Jesus. My babies won." Or Rihanna in the front there lookin positively T.

wheres caspar lee when u need him.  So accurate.

This is the most beautiful thing ever. The boys' reactions to winning a VMA. Niall's face is the cutest thing ever. Harry's face is priceless

Cuz like you know fuck gender!

Man My throat hurts from all that screaming last night at the ROSE BOWL STADIUM! I love you One Direction and Happy Birthday Niall Horan, I love you my little snowflake :)

Too many feels !

The harry and bringing mom to the concert is so true he waved to her and smiled all big and then she pointed to me and he was like oh right. Thanks Hazza lol << NIALL HAS ROCK HARD ABS!

OMG! I was in a resturant and they played Rock Me and I was just giving my parents the looks of 'This is the best place ever.' -

That is so me every time a song comes on in either a store or restaurant

I think every one direction fan can relate.. Lol

I think every one direction fan can relate. Lol<<<or fangirls in general