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anyone remember Big Top soda? Pretty sure of the name, used to drink it upstate PA.

1970's Original Shasta Soda Pop Cans All 14 Flavors -- I want a pop, pop, pop... I want a Shasta!

Original Shasta Soda Pop Cans All 14 Flavors -- I want a pop, pop, pop. I want a Shasta! -- Fond memories of my grandpa offering me a Black Cherry Shasta.

Used to love this stuff

I remember Gold Rocks Candy Bubble Gum. My daddy used to buy them for me every time we went to Cracker Barrel.

Creepy Crawlers....I can remember the smell of the plastic as it heated...my sisters and I loved this!

But not quite as much fun as playing with hot metal and molten plastic. Creepy Crawlers taught valuable life lessons like “try not to burn the shit out of yourself” and also “toxic things exist”. Because molten plastic is totally skin-friendly.

Love this ad! This must have been what my Mom did to me!

fringe trim scotch tape ad This must be the ad my mom saw when she cut my bangs. The tape slipped and my bangs were NOT even and way short.

We put this crap on our boo boos when I was a kiddo, it stained our skin a bright pink red color!!

my dad would always put this on my scrapes/cuts. The bright red color made me think my bruise was even worse than it was. And it stung like fire on a cut or scrape.