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I know a girl who was chased by one, or was that a guy dressed up as a banana... No.  I'm not joking.

I seriously hate clowns. I can survive zombies and chainsaw dudes but i cannot stand clowns!


especially with little kids. and i am a master at blowing big bubbles.

15 Terrifying things kids said to their babysitters

15 Terrifying Things Children Said To Their Babysitters. These Gave Me Chills.

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And thats who i am

And thats who i am when i see a big spider i grap a shoe and kill it or yell DAD!


CLOWNS creep FUCK out of me Funny Adult Humor Greeting Card From my SLANTEDmind comes one of my (if I do say so myself) funny greeting cards

…and that’s who I am. на We Heart It.

i love being alone. just being able to sit in my room, just me and my thoughts. but just simply laying there calms me down and relaxes me.

pretty much... i had someone try to convince me that the reason why they listen to pop instead of country is because all country talked about was drinking and breakups..... well i'd rather listen to "that" then all of this pop crap!

Twerkgate: Miley Cyrus' TV grandma weighs in Vicki Lawrence says she didn't like performance, but admits it was PR triumph

I love the night. I love the stars in the sky. It doesn't matter which wether it is as long as I look at the stars with you.

i take stupid pics!.

HATE that my friends take pictures of me and post them on social media. So like if I don't like pictures that's why I am anti-social!I don't even take pictures of them!