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Writing Prompt: Historical photos

Writing prompt for upper elementary. May be controversial but helps teach real history and gets them to www their point of view to create lasting impact

Writing Prompt: You are the giraffe, what has scarred you so badly that you literally climbed a tree? Remember to include the setting, feeling words, and dialog in your story.

“A true decision is calculated by the fact that you’ve taken a new action No action, you haven’t truly decided.

Motivational posters - Page 14 - PlayStation Forum

Another pinner: "Squirrel Wars. What are the squirrels fighting about? Are other animals fighting or just the squirrels?

"Well....time to take the shark for a walk!!!"

"Well....time to take the shark for a walk!!!"


24 People That Heard "Get Help" As "Get The Camera!"

Cow jumped over the fence, didn't make it but half way, hanging over fence, Well Crap This is how I feel today.

Writing Prompt: What do you think is in the bag? I can't wait to see what the kids say about this  photo..

Photographers Catch That Perfect Crazy Moment

A baboon steals vegetables from a woman (© Cyril Ruoso/Minden Pictures/Solent News)

Crise de l'essence... mais pas pour tout !

There's nothing inherently funny about Amish folk, but these 25 funny Amish pictures will definitely make you laugh. From buggies towing jet skis to redneck Amish, .


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