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When he held up a doll version of himself and didn't look at all terrified about the fact that there is a doll version of himself. |❤️

33 Times Niall Horan Was The Most Perfect Member Of One Direction

I just realized that some girl got a doll touched by Niall and she will never know. Excuse me as I go buy every possible Niall doll in the stores.

this gorgeous boy has stolen my heart and..... yeah...story of my freaking life!

Niall takes THE BEST black and whites I've ever seen.

"you don't know your beautiful."

One direction : up all night the souvenir edition (new & sealed cd) bonus tracks

Day Favourite pic of the boys I love this because they all look super happy and its really cute! and I LOVE Louis' smile!

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Day Your Fav Pic of Niall and Why: This was my hardest day because I am in absolute love with Niall James Horan and I love every pic I see of him! I chose this one because I adore his smile and his gorgeous ocean blue eyes! xx :D