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:( ... Todaaayyy

she's suffering from AHRBWD horse related bad weather depression). sunny days are the only known cure.


So thankful I was raised with horses in my life , in a God fearing home that taught me good values, wholesome morals and a strong work ethic. Sometimes horses do so much of that work people forget the bigger equine picture.

Who all black to a barn were you are going to get covered in horse hair? AND YOU WILL DIE WEARING THOSE BOOTS *bye bye Barbie!*

Hahaha this is so true, you can't have real equestrian style without mud and horse hair!

Lol. Yep. Whenever you say "green horse" to a non equestrian you know that this is what comes up in their head.

Green broke means barely ridable, not actually GREEN ppl! horse problems horse girl problems horse lover problems horse rider problems equestrian problems cowgirl problems probs I love those kind well when I was younger I'm getting to old for that now


A good rider can hear his horse speak to him. A great rider can hear his horse whisper to him. However a bad rider will not hear his horse at all, not even when he is shouting at him.

Too true!

i had strep and a 101 fever and i still went horse shopping with my grandpa best decision ever because we bought nicky and pic up that day (:

Riding a Horse Ralph Waldo Emerson Poem Inspirational Sign in Chocolate

Riding a Horse Ralph Waldo Emerson Poem Inspirational Sign in Chocolate

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