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:( ... Todaaayyy

she's suffering from AHRBWD horse related bad weather depression). sunny days are the only known cure.


haha bailing twin has saved me for loosing my pants many times. one of the best and cheapest belts I own!

Haha it's kinda funny to do at school in front of a bunch if girlie girls:)

Horse treats hay, bailing twine, the occasional horse hair, a tractor supply receipt.every time

As do I (quite often), accept me for who I am...a Tomboy...all grown up...who would rather B in a stall, than at the Mall.....

yeah and then everybody stares at you and you are like what? haven't you ever saw a cowgirl wearing a filthy shirt and jeans a cowboy boots with spurs before? geez, bug off.,Quotes :),Quotes and S

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I love horseback riding. The first horse i ever rode threw me really bad. I started taking lessons the next month and have never stopped riding since. horseback riding is amazing, freeing, and worth the risk never let fear rule you!

You think horse riding isn't a sport? You try it for a week. Let's see how long you last.

you wouldnt believe the people that come up to me and say barrel racing or riding horses is not a sport. It is so true.

Soooo true

Horsey Friday Funny - Signs of Spring

So, so true. Friends and family don't buy me enough horse stuff! They say it's because they don't know if they're getting me the right stuff. pssh.

Doshi Doshi Williams Daddy already knows to get you horse stuff hahahahahahahaha (: