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We Are Monster High - Official Artwork - Monster High Photo .

The Skullette is one of the two symbols of Monster High and incorporated in most versions of the...


Monster High Skull Skullette Logo Edible Image Photo Cake Frosting Icing Topper Sheet Birthday Party 8 ROUND 75386 ** Read more at the image link.

MH Group - monster-high Photo

Monster High Poster Print x

Monster High x Batman. by asieybarbie

Batman/Monster High mashup by Asia Kendrick-Horton - Best Art Ever (This Week) -

Fab wallpaper

the girl team

Wydowna Spider. I Love Fashion. NEW Profile art

Wydowna Spider is an arachne who loves to get involved with various creative projects, using her multiple arms to multitask on several things at once. Her pet is a large housefly named Shoo.

Rochelle Goyle Freak Du Chic

All about Monster High: Rochelle Goyle freak du chic artwork

Madison Fear of Monster High - She is a siren. Her freaky flaw is that she's clumsy on land. Her favorite activity is singing. She can’t help but burst into song on just about any occasion. She has a pet golden doodle. Her pet peeve is that she doesn't like bullying. She also hates when monsters think she uses her voice to lure monsters to their doom because she's a siren. In fact, she uses her voice to guide monsters from the storms of life. Her character does not yet have a doll.

Madison Fear is a Monster High character and doll created in honor of singer…

This is candy. She is 18. She has the powers of peppermint.

She is She has the powers of peppermint.

Monster High: Cleo de Nile! Cleo de Nile is the daughter of the Mummy. She is the fearleading squad captain and is considered to be a mean girl, but she does have a heart of gold that all those close to her can attest to. Her pet is a snake named Hissette. She is also dating Deuce Gorgon.

Cleo de Nile at her vanity Monster High illustration

Meet the Fright-Mares: Pyxis Prepstockings and Bay Tidechaser

All about Monster High

Cleo and Draculaura

Monster High - Cleo and Draculaura

All this monster high shopping I've been doing today is making me start to like them                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Keep calm and love " MONSTER HIGH!"even though i hate monster high i have to put it here cuz its called keep calms!

Draculaura still in my heart

Monster high draculaura dawn of the dance

Honey Swamp Freak du Chic

Honey Swamp is a swamp monster from New Goreleans, or Boo Goreleans. An aspiring cinematographer, she wants to create a movie which will help her achieve her dream of working in Hauntlywood.