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All of them are walking memes xD. Jin's is so accurate! He's cute, hot, and handsome all in one

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How BTS dresses I think something is not right V:representative of Gucci and on the way of being a model.

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People just think to complicated with all these theories. Jungkook and yoongi being brothers?

Jin could never do anything wrong.. On the other hand V and Jungkook scare me when they are together

I thought Jimin didn't have a licence IDK I might be wrong.

I'm yoongi whenever my english speaking relatives come in my country.

Also Yoongi: gets insulted by Namjoon insinuating they have no idea what’s going on and breaks out all his English skills

Vkook... What clothes do you wear when you sleep?

I love that half of them just casually admits that they like to sleep naked like?

Puberty hit Jungkook like a truck

Puberty hit Jungkook like an airbus 😂😂😂

I will be honored if Suga set me on fire with his holy flame ❤️

I will be honored if Suga set me on fire with his holy flame// That last comment is too good I can't get rid of it XD

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Vkook and Funny why is Jimin always stalking Jungkook in everything. Jimin though 😂😂😂😂

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If BTS had Diaries

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Omfg taehyung please tell me this is not true. *sigh* What are we gonna do about this cute little cinnamon roll. Lol it's true 😂 i swear he is so innocent and adorable it's too much 😂