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When I worked as a cashier, I would sometimes say:  "It's a beautiful day outside, so go out and have a good day for me!"  It was a low-paying job, so I coped by reminding people that a kind word is something that is easy to do.  I always tried to leave customers laughing with little jokes or plays on the numbers like quipping on how the change reminds me of stuff, like "$6.69" the change of the Beast."  Or, "$14.92, Columbus sailed the ocean blue."

Something That Boggles My Mind A Bit

This is so true. I'm so over hearing about how a comment was sexist or racist when it was just an unkind thing to say. Why does everything need to be categorised? Why can't comments be separated to unkind or kind and left at that?

If you think this is bad, you should see what our government is up to

[66 pictures] The Week End Selection n°117

The best graffiti i have seen in a long time! Resist, protest, speak out. If you think this is bad you should see what our government is up to.


"Almost over" by kissmezach - "So you expect this so be some random normal love story or "depressed" story but its not.