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You found out that your boyfriend has been cheating on you? These 25 Ways of Getting Revenge On Your Cheating Boyfriend will help you.

You’ve just got to keep pushing through no matter what storm clouds are ahead in you path

This is exactly how I have felt and still feel to a certain extent!!!

This is exactly how I have felt and still feel to a certain extent! Ditto multiple times over. Wow did this hit it on to exactly how I feel.

New job New phone number  New beginnings

And when they ask you about me and you find yourself thinking back on all of our memories, I hope you ache in regret as the truth hits you like a bullet and you find yourself replying, " He loved me more than anyone else in the world and I destroyed him.

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Trying to blame me for your cheating ass! Funny how you convinced everyone it was me! How pathetic! U will get caught!

Yupp I would do the same

Someone from posted a whisper, which reads "Im Plotting My Revenge To Become The Hottest Ex He's Ever Had. Just So All His Friends Will Ask Why He Cheated On Me. Jokes On You.

Banged up

Life is more than the shit that causes you pain, the guy who broke your heart and anything else that tears you to pieces. Live and love ur life, and life in general

Strength Change it to "they TRY to destroy you." And "You can conquer ANYTHING." Then it's pretty much perfect.

Once in your life someone will hurt you.because they take all that you are and rip it into pieces. No matter how hard they destroy you, you can conquer anyone. You are strong.