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Asterix - Character: Redbeard Genial organiser of pleasure cruises. Citizenship : Pirate French name : Barbe Rouge German name : Der Rote Korsar Dutch name : Roodbaard Spanish name : Barbarroja Portugese name : Barba Vermelha

Julius Caesar -- Love his looks from Asterix the most hah!

Julius Caesar -- from the Asterix series by Goscinny and Uderzo

My grandma used to read these books to me when i was little!! We had the French and English versions :)

Uderzo and Goscinny's masterpiece, Asterix, Obelix and Getafix

Asterix the Gaul.

Asterix Myth, Obelix's pal Citizenship : Gaul French name : Astérix German name…

This is Asterix, one of the protagonists from the Asterix and Obelix stories.

i could take some of the features of this cartoon and add them to my character

Astérix - Gallery - Wallpapers

Cacofonix Bard, school teacher and scapegoat. Citizenship : Gaul French name : Assurancetourix German name : Troubadix Dutch name : Kakofonix Spanish name : Asurancetúrix Italian name : Assurancetourix Portugese name : Cacofonix

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