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Blue exorcist chibi Rin this is the cutest thing ever

Chibi Rin bites someones finger, feels bad, and puts a bandage on the finger! He is so kawaii in this picture! Ao No Exorcist l Blue Exorcist l Rin Okumura Like I said, they make the best chibis

"Cuz the only time a human should be dat high in the air is when their spirit is being sucked up to heaven by the grace of God" i cant

No longer have any white friends. This is the funniest thing I have ever read.

Sad but true!

The long-anticipated movie version of the best-selling book 'The Help' finally hit theaters in August of and, not surprisingly, it's filled with great quotes.

This is very cute.  I am not a fan of JayZ, but I do like how humble he is.  jay-z and old woman conversation in the subway

I just love that Jay-Z was so sweet about the whole thing. I love his face at the end .I'm not really a fan of his music or anything like that, but this is awesome!

Barney teaching Marshall how to lie.

Funny pictures about Barney's awesome lying skills. Oh, and cool pics about Barney's awesome lying skills. Also, Barney's awesome lying skills.