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I've been working so hard to stop doing this.

I telp my self "its been a while maybe just this time" on the real it aint healthy

14956031_10154143188820735_2210228702390734738_n.jpg (261×209)

14956031_10154143188820735_2210228702390734738_n.jpg (261×209)

And this person who knows exactly what is up.

23 Insanely Clever Responses To Ex Texts


× ɴɛvɛя sƗɵƿ Ԁяɛɑϻɪɴg ×<<<um, excuse me, you're statement makes no sense on this pin.

LMAO...this is so me, when I'm arguing with my BAE... he hates when I say his name and I so hate when he says mine....that is when we know ish just got serious...hahaha

this is so me, when I'm arguing with my BAE.that is when we know ish just got serious.

I can tell you're wearing make up Good it was expensive

ha lol, mariahjankins☹

ha lol, mariahjankins☹

Yes, I be spacing like a MF.

I be over hear contemplating dinner like damn nigga you still talking to me.