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I get nervous everywhere. I get nervous thinking about things. I get nervous a lot.

Bahahahaha OMG this totally made me think of me n u. Gotta love the sleepy times! bahahaha!

some of these are really random, who doesn't like sleeping? and this one should say "i love sleeping".

...and that's who I am.  one of my many flaws

I'm not insecure, I just have my insecurities every now and then!

I've got like three different ones I switch between in confusion...not Multiple Personality Disorder though...

I cant be broken, not anymore . I'm gonna trust, and cast my fears aside. My life's a work that I know God will finish. I'm covered with His feathers & at peace with my life.

am I the only one who thought of Zeke from High School Musical when I read this???

Make Fresh Muffins In 3 Minutes With This Easy Trick

I LOVE TO BAKE! I randomly bake cakes and muffins out of the blue and everyone gets confused because they think its a holliday!

intuitive and feeling

true fact: I have met dozens of animals in my life and so far I have never met one that doesn't like me. my grandma's neighbor has a dog who hates everyone outside his family except me

But I have one particular friend who will tell me if I'm getting to loud. She is my closest friend. I'm just glad she's honest.

I don't think I'm annoying, I know for a fact that I am annoying.

Okay. Other than my room being clean I am a perfectionist. I know it sounds weird. But it's true . :) I'm weird.

And that's who I am. i like things exactly how i want them

I wish i could fit in. I wish you included me. If you're reading this you might think 'Oh i include her' but are you sure? do you really know? haven't you seen the look on my face I miss how things used to be. Can't we just go back?

I could be surrounded by friends and still feel completely left out. Its not exactly who I am, but its something I do.

I Can Never Control My Laughter and That's Who I Am

Rainy Day Photography: 35 Dazzling Examples

Behind every successful women is a best friend given her crazy ideas. (I'm the best friend that gives the crazy ideas, that become memories and life long stories)

and that's who i am | about me, and that's who i am, andthatswhoiam, ... - inspiring picture ...

nervous wreck when I try to make friends and always fear annoying new friends so it takes forever for things to develop and often still have nerves

All the little things, like snow on my tongue, or dancing in the rain, just the little things that make life worth living and make me who I am! ksm

All the little things; like that small smile across the room, like snow on my tongue, or dancing in the rain, just the little things that make life worth living and make me who I am!

i'm always making up stories in my head- and that's who i am

I could make a book of short stories with all the things I have come up with in my head. I am a living book.

It's not so much making art or pretty pictures, it's painting just to paint

Which Fashion Designer Should Make You A Dress?

Inspiring image art, brush, paint brushes, vintage - Resolution - Find the image to your taste

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Tan and tie dye = summer perfection.