Paper Plane Tattoo

Paper air plane :) I really like it because to me I see it as the paper plane representing my childhood and it flying in the air means I'm still going on.


Directorio Rosa NOVIATICA


love the rose on her neck.

60 Fotos de gatas tatuadas no dia do Sexo

Nice back piece

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i always appreciate a photograph of a tattooed woman who is NOT dressed sexually provocative. i like a hot bod as much as the next person but finding a woman with tattoos who isn't half naked is getting harder and harder.

when i have the money

Anchor tattoos may seem like a masculine tattoo design, but there are plenty of ways to make an anchor tattoo feminine too. This old school anchor tattoo, for instance, features a traditional anchor image with a feminine twist. The anchor itself is inked

#lighthouse # tattoo

love the clouds, waves, lighthouse needs to look like the Nassau lighthouse. Would want light shining from the lighthouse.

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