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The warmth of the holiday season can make us forget about that body we're working on, take some tips to avoid holiday weight gain!

If I quit now, I'll soon be back to where I started.  When I started, I so desperately wanted to be where I am now.

Thinking of quitting your job? Different reasons why employees wanted to quit their jobs. Factors like environment, no career growth, freedom & pay scale.

Do floss the Snowman this Holiday season! H Holidays from Plaza Dental…

It's about time you watch Sherlock. How have you not watched that?? Lol  i just took a shower and I'm laying in the cloud,  I'm exhausted. My day was a lot of fun. No stories for you though missy. Sorry. We all just walked and talked and laughed. I did have some good Mac n cheese ;) and tacos

I love the smell of possibility in the morning. Second only to the smell of tea (used to be coffee but tastes changed and it's okay) .

This week's Healthy Moment Monday comes from UPMC Health plan and provides a lot of great tips on staying healthy this holiday season.

Stay on top of your health game this holiday season with 12 days of holiday health facts compiled by our UPMC Health Plan experts!

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I dont mind going to work, but this 8 hour wait to go home is bullshit.    Actually, I really love my workday, but it's funny.

I dont mind going to work, but this 8 hour wait to go home is bullshit. Actually, I really love my workday, but it's funny. Wish it was only 8 hours.

Easy to paint snowman tutorial. Great for all your snowman crafts, DIY Decor and Pallet signs.

Learn How to Paint a Simple Snowman

but stay away from processed white (flour, sugar, rice, bread), packaged, pesticide-riddled, hormone/antibiotic infested (eggs, anything fed with corn, meat), GMO rot. Other than that, enjoy your food. Eighty percent of fitness/health is what you eat and drink.

children under the age of 18 suffer from asthma, causing them to miss out on childhood fun. They also miss school: Asthma accounts for 14

Snowman Jokes | SnowMan Jokes for Xmas and Holidays, SnowMan - SnowMan - Xmas Jokes ...

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