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Here's a new little corner of the internet to make note of: The Moroccan Room. Along with a sundry of non-textile items they carry boucherouitte and beni

Sari Rug

Create a vibrant focal point with this floral rug made from recycled saris.

The glittering multi-colored murals by El Anatsui may look like they are made of precious metals, but take a closer look and you’ll recognize that the mosaic bits are recycled bottle caps! Working on a massive scale, the Nigeria-based artist has covered building facades with his rich tapestries made from disused bottle caps, remnant metals and wire. Anatsui sources bottle caps and seals from alcoholic drinks, many which he finds in garbage dumps near Nigerian distilleries.

El Anatsui - Untitled, 2007 aluminum and copper wire 144 x 192 inches Love love love his art!

Image result for bauhaus quilt

Image result for bauhaus quilt


Rugs arrived cleaned and prepared to use. No 2 rugs are ever the same, making them extra unique. I will inform you this when you find the ideal rug save those pennies it’ll be completely well…

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Gretchen Romey-Tanzer | Garden | double weave | mercerized cotton | 36″ x 16″ |  Orleans, Massachusetts, U.S.A. | c. 2011 Note influence of Bauhaus weavers  I love the wonderful varied geometric blocks, this is a wonderful abstract pattern

/ gretchen romey-tanzer / garden / double weave / mercerized cotton / x / orleans, massachusetts / c.