Only 20% of this fandom loved niall before the muscles and braces. Repin if your in that 20%

I Have always loved Niall since way before he didn't have braces, to me his smile was beyond perfect without the braces, I will always love no matter what! Cheers to the directioners who loved Niall even without the braces!

There's always room for Louis and Lux on my boards

There's always room for Louis and Lux on my boards. Yes, even if I've already pinned it.

I hate how everyone thinks it was Harry... They dated in late November and December and her album came out in October.... So did she go back in time or....

Sorayaa 🕸 on

Did all except comment because my firkin stupid iPod doesn't let me!!!! Could anyone tell me how to invite people on this board cause people ask me and I can't comment and I don't how!!!!!!!!

yeah right. idc about the grudge. Plus even if the grudge like was real, I gotz da Lord Jesus Christ with meh.