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Build your own pizza oven, with help from Topline’s quality tools! The function of a masonry oven is to trap and radiate heat from a fire, built inside the oven. The design of a pizza oven is heat-efficient, allowing the use of stored heat and coals for long bakes instead of requiring a live fire …

DIY Outdoor Pizza Oven Ideas & Projects with Instructions

PIZZA PIZZAZZ Simple DIY oven building instructions here! A permanent pizza oven in the Fanciflea!

isabelle palmer of the balcony gardener: lavender, rosemary, boxus, huchera, grasses, and bay

Isabelle Palmer is a passionate balcony gardener. For years she has grown many beautiful plants on her north London balcony, and she now shares her fabulous taste with other gardeners through her shop, The Balcony Gardener.

This all started with a desire not to be plain and boring, and as you would have seen in last week’s post, my awesome cedar bench turned out far from plain and boring. It was the exact statement piece I wanted for our front porch. But it didn’t come easily. There was some sweat, elbow grease, and maybe even a little blood put into this project. It all started the July long weekend. After weeks of researching, sketching, and planning we were ready to get down to business. I think we spent…

Summer DIY Challenge with The Home Depot // The Build

Summer DIY Project with The Home Depot - This DIY planter bench is perfect for the front porch or backyard garden!

Н.И. Курдюмов - Уроки садоводства. Часть 1 - YouTube

Н.И. Курдюмов - Уроки садоводства. Часть 1 - YouTube

Building a greenhouse can be inexpensive if you use recycled doors or windows. And a small greenhouse is a great way to grow a few vegetables right through the coldest months of the year.

How to Build a Greenhouse from Used Windows or Storm Doors - DIY

Openings between each paver makes room for a permeable detail of smoth stones.

Openings between each paver makes room for a permeable detail of smoth stones.

10 Cheap DIY Indoor Herb Containers

We will show you how to create low-budget planters for your favorite pots in no time and by using just a few simple things. Let these DIY projects inspire you to create your own little indoor herb garden.

architectural arbors and brackets - great alternative to window boxes & can more easily change plants!!

Arbor Originals Decorative architectural arbors and brackets instead of window boxes? Maybe just a shallow pan so the wood doesn't look dirty? What about the hurricane shutters though? would they still fit?