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Your either init or not in it at all. No time for games and beating around the bush can't play on people's emotions like that. if your mine ima go hard for you

I'm definitely not going to get offended, but I will be skeptical that it's a joke (happened a few times). I would quite honestly probably just freeze up and internaly scream as I try to figure out what to do

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My boyfriend got me a promise ring and when people ask me about it I'm just like IM ENGAGED my boyfriend finds it hilarious 😂

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Even worst when u confront them And they still have the audacity to lie 😒

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can we just applaud this person pls this is really important for both genders to understand

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I'm honest & real, not sorry you can't handle that! A loyal and true woman is rare, cherish it or lose it!

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right aint nobody tryna be with yo beautiful ass n aint got nun goin for themselves hell naw