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Dacron had a very sexist poster ad. The ad showed a picture of a lady on the floor with a rug for a body. A man was then standing on her head and was saying ” It’s nice to have a girl around the house”.

Just like a man to watch while he wife does the work. LOL I personally love to mow the grass😎😎

Lysol for feminine hygiene vintage ad

he'd rather live with a psychotic, shopaholic garbage and cat hoarder, than spend another minute with your lysol-less cooch. The insanity and idiocy of this whole ad is almost beyond parody.

the first headphones you wouldn’t kick out of bed

Products from the past that somehow didn’t pan out (47 Photos)

“Here’s the exciting new indoor sport for people who love people. It begins by choosing up sides (delightful custom) and centers around the “Porron” (translation: “to pour it on”) filled with your favorite libation. Object of the game is to see which team achieves the longest trajectory for the longest time with the fewest spills. Rewards to winners are optional.”

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I've never played Orgy (larger ad shot HERE) before but I would given the opportunity and the right group of guys. Here's the exciting new indoor sport for people who love people. Orgy begins by choosing up sides (delightful.

Why did that first picture need to be part of this shirt commercial? U could have put something else for daring

It's Audacious! 1949 Van Heusen Shirt Ad # illustration advertising # old ads # sexist ads # ads ads ads commercial

US Employment 1940s Ad Red headscarf

4 propaganda for women to join workforce. "Do the job he left behind. Apply US Employment Service"

A lot of the advertisments in the 50's magazines are all about "taking care of your man".

An old advertisement speaking to the gender roles of women "pleasing" the men.

Light ashtray for when you just don't have time to take your cigarette out of your mouth

Campagne - Adulte - Enfant - Evian

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No need to commit suicide over your bad hair, 1952

If you blow your head off over your Bad Hair Day, you'll have to settle for a closed casket. You don't want to disappoint your mourners, do you? Now THAT would be reason enough to blow that pretty little head off.