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Necklace Gold, L 33 cm Imereti, Vani Museum Museum of Georgia Collection Archaeology Period century B.

This gold pendant from Cyprus, circa 1400 BC, exhibits exquisite craftsmanship. The main body was made in two pieces: a cone and a dome.

The State Hermitage Museum: Digital Collection -- Powered by IBM Bracelet Gold; century BC Siberian collection of Peter I, Russia, Siberia Source of Entry: Kunstkammer, St Petersburg.

A Seljuk nielloed gold Ring with turquoise seal Persia, Century cast in gold, with oval bezel with eleven prongs securing a kufic inscribed turquoise stone

Gold Figure Pendant Date: century Geography: Colombia Culture: Quimbaya or Sinu (?) Medium: Gold Dimensions: H. x x 1 cm) Classification: Metal-Ornaments

Gold nose ring with rectangular side flanges, each with four small rectangular dangling adornments.

German ring in the form of an armillary (the rings and hoops represent the equator, the tropics, and other celestial circles, able to revolve on its axis) adorned with zodiacal signs, stars and other figures.

Pair of Etruscan gold disks circa century B. wher we can see the fine granulation technique invented by the Etruscan.

Information about the British Museum exhibition Beyond El Dorado: power and gold in ancient Colombia

Ancient Egyptian gold ring

Via Hulda Crawford Gold ring with an oval bezel engraved with Isis nursing Horus, engraved gold, Phoenicia, about BC.