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NON NAVE FINO A DOPO IL 10 DICEMBRE.    Perché lei non vorrebbe una testa di gatto maglieria calibro?! Abbiamo avuto questi personalizzati

Why wouldnt you want a cat head knitting gauge? Cat head measures x Needle gauges range from US ; - 10 MM Made out of brushed aluminum

Knitting needle gauge (with stitch marker) from Etsy

This would be useful -White Baabi Bamboolery Knitting Needle Gauge Bamboo Pendant with removable stitch marker charm

Polizia casella Gauge dell'ago della maglia, taglio Laser legno, taglie da 0 a 17, righello

Police Box Knitting Needle Gauge Laser Cut Wood Sizes 0 to 17 Ruler

Art Needle gauge app for the Iphone or Ipod knit-knit-knit

needlesizer app for knitters - genius! I always have to look (and look and look) for one of my three needle gauges, but I always know where my phone is!

Amore è San Valentino Riccio con cuore stampa sopra arte libro upcycled dizionario d'epoca pagina Acquista 3 ottengo 1 gratis

I Love You Valentine HEDGEHOG with heart print over an upcycled vintage dictionary page book art Buy 3 get 1 Free

WOW! a clock that knits a scarf a year

Knitting clocks by Siren Elise Wilhelmsen. Knitting 24 hours a day and a year at a time, the clocks knit one mesh every half hour all day long. In a year they'll knit a 2 meter long scarf. At the end of the year, change the yarn and let a new scarf begin.

Aliexpress.com : Buy Crochet hook Needles Stitches knitting ...

Aliexpress.com : Buy Crochet hook Needles Stitches knitting ...

Knitting needle case- I am really attracted to this concept

skillzmcfly: “ So, after searching forever for a tutorial or pattern for a knitting needle case for interchangeable needles, I finally decided to design my own. I knew it needed to have separate pockets for the cables and somewhere to keep the needle.