Ombré chart from Tricksy Knitter

Ombré color work chart for knitting. This would be fun to do in color too. (Quilting layout idea also)

Different heel options for knitting socks! This is originally from Taina's Ravelry page, which is here: (couldn't get the right pin image by going directly from Ravelry)

Knitted Bliss - 16 different ways to knit a heel in a sock. - Learning to knit: basics, stitches and beginner friendly patterns if you love sock knitting, this book of heels is for you.

(EXCELLENT ARTICLE!!!) ... or How I Learned to Stop Worrying About Flat Pattern Construction by Modifying It I have a confession to make: I’ve never knit a sweater flat. The first sleeveless top that I made was in the round, and ever since I’ve never seen a compelling reason not to knit all of my sweaters that way. …

Top down set in sleeve tutorial - converting a flat pattern to IN THE ROUND Fearless Sweater Modification - Knitting Community