Ombré chart from Tricksy Knitter

Ombré color work chart for knitting. This would be fun to do in color too. (Quilting layout idea also)

Tricksy Knitter Charts: Ombre by Sara Thiebaud

Tricksy Knitter Charts: Ombre by Sara Thiebaud for knitting but would work for bead loom as well

Different heel options for knitting socks! This is originally from Taina's Ravelry page, which is here: (couldn't get the right pin image by going directly from Ravelry)

Knitted Bliss - 16 different ways to knit a heel in a sock. - Learning to knit: basics, stitches and beginner friendly patterns if you love sock knitting, this book of heels is for you.

chart for knitting - Google leit

mooie kleur combinatie voor mochila tas Banded inspiration for California fair isle design

Minimal Cane Work Stitch Chart from Wonderful Needlework. Would be a great pillow or blanket pattern.

Norwegian perler bead pattern

Norwegian perler bead pattern-wonder if this would translate well for a quilt block.