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Making Moon craters- a fun, engaging, science experiment!

To say that we LOVED Moon week is an understatement. We went crazy for the Moon this week and learned SO much.To start our Moon week we made Space Play dough.

How the moon phases got their names.// This looks like dna spiral strand when you scroll the page, fascinating. MW

These are the phase of the moon. The moon goes through phases because of the way the moon, earth, and sun orbit. My favorite phase is a Full Moon. I like this phase because the moon looks really bright and it is really pretty.

Teaching the phases of the moon just got a little easier. Here are 21 super moon phases activities and resources including a few printables, a song and videos.

21 Super Activities for Teaching Moon Phases

2nd Grade with Mrs. Wade: Science Notebooking-Matter

Grade with Mrs. Wade: Science Notebooking-Matter-- Could be easily adapted for middle schoolers!

"My Little Sprout House" a ziplock baggie stapled behind a cute little house... seeds, cotton balls holding water and hang them in a window to watch them sprout and grow. so cute for a classroom.

Put soaked seeds into a ziploc bag with moist cotton balls. Attach to paper 'Sprout House'. Tape in a window, and watch each day as it sprouts.

oreo cookie moon phases- use for chalice children lesson about moon

I feel the sudden urge to teach myself about the phases of the moon again.'Teach kids the phases of the moon with oreo cookies and eat it too!