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stevenuniverse Lapis and her wacky roomate

Come on lapis! Can't you see she is a sweet cinnamon roll looking for love? <<<This comic really shows how much of a cinnamon roll Peridot is!

I thought it was cute... then I saw old Greg and I totally lost it. I was crying so hard

I'm usually not fond of the "Connie and Steven have a baby" thing, but this is pretty freakin cute thanks to Peridot.<< okay I'm crying Steven is holding a picture of rose.

Lapis and pearl fusion

don’t tell me that they’d get along well enough to hold a form that isn’t a pure monstrosity

"Pearls" by madegrsz15 ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring blue pearl, cartoon and steven universe

really hope to see pearl's past with white diamond. I mean it makes sense right?