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Before I die: London [] Paris [ ] Venice [ ] LA [] NY [ ] Washington [ ] Amsterdam [ ] Las Vegas [] Beijing [ ] Athens [ ] Sydney [ ] Cape Town [ ] San Francisco [ ] Rome [ ]

A lot of the same places are on my list! So far I have Arizona, live here, trust me you dont wanna go to anywhere but flagstaff & the grand canyon. La, lived here before. Florida, Also lived here stunning. Washington, both DC & state. Las Vegas, stunning. Going to paris & London next summer. Thought I may choose Venice instead :)

Before I Die I want to visit these places! :) So far I've been to Greece, New York, Washington DC, and Florida. and maybe Venice?

100 things to see before you die.

100 things to see before you die. I have 21 out of Hopefully studying abroad changes that!



Paris, London, New York - Check. Tokyo, Dubai, Hong Kong to come I hope!

Your best friend is basically your soulmate. Since you're obviously going to grow old together, this bucket list is full of things you should do between now and the time you're 80 and sitting on a porch together reminiscing about the good old days.

The Ultimate Best Friends Bucket List

Your best friend is basically your soulmate. They're always down for the next ridiculous adventure, a much-needed vent, or a night in with a bottle of wine and hours of Netflix. Since you're obviously going to grow old together, this bucket list is full o

Things to do in life. I have a few more to do...

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"you be the anchor that keeps my feet on the ground + i'll be the wings that keep your heart in the clouds." To dream.

This is a must !

Four Corners Monument is a Sightseeing Tour in Cortez. Plan your road trip to Four Corners Monument in CO with Roadtrippers.

Life is made to live, take an adventure, the road least traveled, explore

I am definitely a gypsy. I need not a set place to live. I just want to travel

Bucket list

Bucket List: 50 things to do this summer. I so need this, I'm pretty sure I can do most of the things on here and I never know what to do with my spare time during the summer ♡♡

Last year, our summer bucket list was a huge success with my kids and it kept them busier than we have been in summer’s past. Some days I see busy as a crazy time, but when it keeps the kids active it makes my heart happy! 100 Fun Ideas For Your Summer Bucket List This  {Read More...}

100 Fun Ideas For Your Families Summer Bucket List

100 Fun Summer Bucket List Ideas {Free Printable} I'm planning for summer already.

www.girlsguidetoparis.com I feel so blessed to have done most of these! I just hope I can go back and do then all over again!

Je T'aime Paris - LadyLuxuryDesigns I agree but you don't need to learn fluent French for staying in Paris.it is nice and polite to learn some simple important sentences but they speak English in the Metropolis of Paris xo