P I N T E R E S T : @pollnow2002

actually glow in the dark paint isn't that bright, but yannow. Paint some plastic roses with glow in the dark paint, put them in a vase = DIY night light !


Purple flowers are a great way to add interest to your yard or landscape. See some of our favorite purple garden flowers!

old english rose- beautiful! Roses potting area So Many Flowers All white: peonies.

Runa + Holly art | Home Beautiful Magazine Australia

Cool collaboration with a Kiwi florist and an Icelandic photographer


I like the pink peonies with the grey background. Peonies are such bright, happy flowers


❈ Fleurs Foncées ❈ dark art photography flowers & botanical prints - indigo- *tossed organic florals in blues shades could be really pretty- I like the texture of these flowers