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Flourless 3 Ingredient Banana Egg Muffins Recipe. 3 ingredient muffins that are low in fat but taste great!
Sea Salt Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookies - soy butter and vegan chocolate chips... what about the caramel chips?
Thick, chewy, and insanely delicious Butter Pecan Cookies! And they're freezer friendly, too!
Weight Watchers Pumpkin Spice Cake Mix Muffins, Mini Sweet Treats from combining just 2 ingredients, 90 calories, 2 Weight Watchers Points Plus
Best Ever Banana Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting - note to myself: this cake took 2 hours to bake in my oven. ejm
Having Type II Diabetes makes every dining experience a treacherous one. There is a sort of balancing act that has to happen to keep the body’s blood sugar levels in the right range without getting too hungry. These are the best and worst foods to eat if you are type II diabetic. http://avocadu.com/type-ii-diabetics-best-worst-foods/
2 Ribeye steaks. 1 lb Shrimp, wild caught. 1 tsp Dill. 3 cloves Garlic. 1 1/2 Lemons, Juice of. 1 Shallot, thin. 3 Egg yolks. 1 dash Cayenne. 2 Salt and pepper. 1 pinch Sugar. 1 tbsp Butter. 1 1/2 sticks Butter. 1 1/2 cups White wine.
With a cake-like interior, glazed and sprinkled tops, and delicate licorice flavor, these easy Italian Soft Anise Cookies are a family favorite. I feel like I am supposed to say that the foods I re…
Until I found this recipe my bread didn't turn out very well.  Now, I make it nearly everyday.  It makes a great sandwich, too.  The only problem is that it doesn't last long enough around here!!  I finally LOVE my bread machine.  You can also make it on the dough cycle and then take it out and shape into rolls.