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Zen of the week

Let's Dance! I used to be a disco queen in my college years, late early and into my fashion days in NYC! Love disco, still do


Money can't buy happiness but it can buy NUTELLA and that is basically the same thing.words of wisdom!

Simpler is Sweeter

Simpler Is Sweeter floral watercolor quote - poster print - A print of my original watercolor piece, "SIMPLER IS SWEETER". Speaks for it's self, right? Printed on HQ thick matte poster paper -don't forget to choose your size!

11/11/14 Morning Shoppies! Ok so I am open today 12 - 6pm. Yes I normally close for studio day on Tuesdays but I have switched it to Mondays for November - confusing yes - soz about that... but I am a little independently run biz - sometimes I gotta switch things up to juggle my work load, especially when its crazy season :) You get - I know! Thanks a bunch anyhoo xB Nutella haters need not reply ;)

Nutella makes everyone happy :) if you don't like Nutella there is something seriously wrong with you. i only know one person that doesnt like nutella.

Very little is needed to make a happy life

Action for Happiness on

You have to remind yourself sometimes Life is hard sometimes! then you read this and remember, the best things in life are free!

Hard werken zodat u kunt moeilijker handgeschreven door planeta444

Fashion Quotes : Work Hard So You Can Shop Harder Handwritten Handlettered Calligraphic Black White Funny Quote Poster Prints Printable Wall Decor Art

Exactly. That shit ain't real. Those are just the few seconds it took to throw a smile on the face and make nice for the camera......

This is an important reminder that what some people may portray isn't always true. Just focus on how wonderful YOUR life is!