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Spearheads and arrowheads

Spear heads, arrowheads, and brooches. By aseita ja solkia

love it! girly "pocket" knife, wear it around your neck, quick access. ;)  Etsy

Silver Leaf Pocket Knife Necklace by contrary on Etsy - And i thought dresses didn't have places to hide stuff.

Sheaths for Knives: Technical Bushcraft Sheath.

love love love the sheath. Martin Swinkels, sheath - Andrew Jordan, knife (Commander) - Bushcraft Sheath design with buckles and Sam Brown studs and features a removable Kydex insert

How to Forge a Knife: 13 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow

Forge a Knife

How to Forge a Knife: 13 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow This would be funny as decoration or a thank you card or something.

High Carbon Wire Rope Cable knife by CineScapeStudios on Etsy

High Carbon Wire Rope Cable Knife This is okay, however he should have used more borax and gotten the steel hotter when forge-welding the cable in the blade section.

This would be the knife I would want to use if I had to fight my way out of anywhere. hatcherknives Sevbok

That is one sexy knife. Ooo I woul like to have that on my belt.

Bad ass swords

Fantasy knives, but everything here looks like you can actually use them! The spikes are nice.

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Mine- leaf spring, hand forged. hmmm as soon as i get an anvil i will try and make one

Letter Openers by Yardley Forge

Letter Openers by Yardley Forge Like the one on the left best!