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Fries Before Guys Sweatshirt - Yotta Kilo. This sweatshirt was made for meg.

@ tabitha Beanland how funny is this- facker! :)))

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I could make that with my crafty skills and a sewing machine

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I Would Challenge You To A Battle Of Wits But I See That You Are Unarmed. classic smack down by William Shakespeare. Trashing you from the grave, RIP bitter bitches. #shakespeare #literature #funny

Forget about current fashion trends, no outfit is complete without a few cat hairs! Give your cats lots of hugs and collect some cat hairs on this fashionable, funny and cute, cat shirt!

I dearly hope this goes back into stock... (This is even funnier for anyone who actually knows me...)

Riot Society Koalafied Crew Fleece- If I owned this sweater, I would NEVER take it off!

Haha this is great.

crewneck design - The Oh. crewneck sweater design is a humorous wearable item that states the owner’s dismay towards life. The sweater is ideal for people that.

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Cat Face Print Black Sweatshirt

Pizza hoodie. "Swim all day. Dance all night. Fallin Love. Pizza"  www.downtownpizzacompany.com

For some reason this really cracked me up. Lifeguard summer, anyone? Except that would actually be "tan all day."<---- lol tan all day😂😂😭 (I'm a ginger)

Roses Are Red Pizza Sauce Is Too I Bough A Large And None Of It's For You

Roses Are Red Pizza Sauce Is Too I Bough A Large And None Of It's For You Geraci hahaha for John! Need this shirt in my life