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Just a bunch of photos from films i got developed recently, making me feel more and.

i love single flowers ok i just really like flowers and plants bc theyre beautiful and so happy and yeah

[ ruth / 19 / australia ] a combination of nature, photography, literature, art and random quirky shit.

oystermag: “ Oyster Fashion: ‘Palm Motel’ Shot By Eddie Chacon ”

Pari Desai Vera Geo Jacquard Column Dress from "Palm Motel" Photographed by Eddie Chacon Styled by Sissy Sainte-Marie for Oyster Magazine

- ̗̀ @lostwolfie ̖́-:

ᵩ …dragging his burned wings in repentance for his cruelty to the innocent muses. On his lips unspoken, the nectar poured forth. for his soul she begged the gods. In the depths of one are the tears. and Death released its grip.