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Puppy. Dog. Black and White. Spots. Floppy Ears. SO cute. Adorable. Fluffy

A reason why I LOVE bordercollies so much : they're all different and unique! Like this cutie with the spot over his eye. Only a border can make a "black eye" cute :)

Luv Shelties and they love to lay in nice cool grass....what a beautiful picture!!

Sheltie/ reminds me of my beautiful Callie, but she is prettier.

Well. Bye people I'm moving to Canada.

"Puppy Room" for students in a University in Canada - WTF fun facts: Win-Win situation helps w/ puppy training and reliving stress :D Unrealistic for my middle school, but would be awesome! Would also like them for the staff lounge.

ALL the babies!

ALL the babies!

Cute ferret

What animal are you? – Aquarius

Looks like Igor my favorite ferret. No one can be unhappy with a ferret in the…

German Shepherd-oh my goodness, I want him!

German Shepherd - Strong And Loyal

God made them so cute so we can't refuse them. They grow up to be an insanely beautiful dog. Only German shepherds for my family


Is this the dog owned by Zeddie Little? 'Ridiculously photogenic puppy' spoofs jogger's title while racking up its own captions

This meme riff was pretty inevitable. Next there will be a video of "Sh*t that Ridiculously Photogenic People Say," if it doesn't exist already.