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Demi Lovato: Taking Another Chance (Pop Culture Bios: Superstars): You may know that Demi Lovato is a chart-topping singer and a talented actress.

BAHAHAHAHA yeah I would litterally die if I was ever in the same room as her!

I remember when i was at her Demi World Tour concert in Denver, we sneaked up from and then the group of girls in front of us screamed "WE LOVE U DEMI" and she shouted back "I LUV U i was freaking out with them more then the fangirls in that picture

Demi Lovato | funny and honest at the same time

Demi Lovato talking about Miley Cyrus in an interview with Katie.

Hahaha Demi everybody!

Hahaha Demi everybody!

LOL. ok i don't do this, (still a lovatic) but this is too funny not to pin.

LOL I don't stare at my Demi posters but I just look at them and mentally thank her for being there

Posted this series of gifs to Muzy and made it to the popular page(: thank you so much<3 130 likes and 128 reposts:D

I love Demi and how honest she is and her humour it always makes me feel better, because the last one is always me

Demi Lovato. I laughed WAY to hard at this!!

I laughed WAY to hard at this!