Snow Picnic, Stockholm, Sweden Surement froid, mais tellement beau

I've done a LOT of things off-season in the snow, but I still need to cross this romantic inspiration off my list!) La Dolce Vita Snow Picnic, Stockholm, Sweden photo via dreamhouse


My favorite thing is walking out in nature and seeing the sun hit the snow. Suddenly you are surrounded by jewels more dizzying than any diamond ring. Can't wait to be in the snow

burnt orange

Cozy wool tartan is perfect for fall and winter decorating. Would you use one of these orange patterns as a throw blanket, pillow, curtains even?

Replace 'hot chocolate' with 'good book' and we're set. There's nothing better than coming home after a crisp, cold day to a lazy night with a good book and blanket.

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May you grow closer in relationship with CHRIST thee MESSIAH who was born many years ago to die as a sacrifice for your sins so that you may LIVE. May you receive a gift today that"ll prepare you for eternity ~ Amen

Violent Schizophrenia

cozy cabin in the snowy woods Zuidlaren our house under the trees (the house were im born !