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Bts shipleri ❤

Jin and V, My precious children

Maybe I should ask him about it... would be quite interesting...

One time on ASC he saw a fan's selfie with a "you got no jams" poster and when he read it out loud he sounded so confused but amused. He literally did wreck ARMYs for a while though xD>>

That guy is literally feeling that awesome vibe they are giving off and wondering what he is doing with his life

"I'm sorry but food first bts second." -Gut sitting next to BTS in a McDonald's eating a Mcflurry


Rapmonster is an amazing leader and deserves all the respect in the world

Infires...INFIRES?! Jungkook: INFIRES MAN!! Rapmon: it's inspires! xD ohh man. These boys

Haha I love Suga's mouth XD RapMon is a cutie too

I'm SO not ready for 18 year old Jungkook -___-   #bts #Kookie                     Meme Center | allkpop

Same cloth.Different feels the whole world will be taken ovr by us kookie fans muhuhahahahah

shit #namjoon says

Oh Rap Monster xD eric thinking everything is gonna be normal untill.

BTS | V RAP MONSTER and SUGA We are all Suga in this situation

BTS hat ein Schaden und suga denkt sich bestimmt so verdammt mit welchen…

I would very gladly pay for this album!!!! I would also love to see it happen XD Fighting, Jin!!

I would very gladly pay for this album! I would also love to see it happen XD Fighting, Jin! <<<< I have pinned this already but I am pinning it again never fails to make me laugh

Oh my gosh this dork

Réaction Bts

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bts reactions

BTS Imagine When Jin reveals that Jungkook likes you //Omg, poor Jin