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When God Made Tao. accurate enough (can't go into a haunted house, can't watch horror films, can't sleep alone, can't shower alone)

When god made D.O

When god made D. XD I think God also sleepwalks at night, he might have added a gallon of Evilness in Soo's bowl XD /le runs*/

When God made Chen. You see the camel dinosaur mix also comes with great vocals as well.

When God made my lovely Xiumin!!

When God made my lovely Xiumin! so cute, and never forget HE IS SEXY :*

How God made Lay #EXO

kekeke now this is how my baby Lay is created~! keke and God made him perfectly~! keke love you Yixing oppa~

#wattpad #alatoire || Memes (blagues) de Kpop || Il y en a principalement de BTS, étant donné que c'est mon UG.  Il y en a beaucoup en anglais, et certains en français. Si vous n'arrivez pas à traduire, demandez-moi ^^

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How god made Xiumin

How god made Xiumin 😐god.my thirst is real

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When God made Chanyeol. lol his faces he makes are life

When God made Baekhyun (1/2)

When God made Baekhyun. This one is funny as well :D