K̤̈Ï̤M̤̈ N̤̈Ä̤M̤̈J̤̈Ö̤Ö̤N̤̈

BTS' Rap Monster drops teaser image announcing the upcoming release of track 'Awakening' and solo mixtape

K̤̈Ï̤M̤̈ N̤̈Ä̤M̤̈J̤̈Ö̤Ö̤N̤̈

Rap Monster

I'm kind of glad I can't see all of his face lol I already wrecked my bias list plus fangirled enough for today

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“this damp pink hair looked so good on him i will never get over it”

¿Cómo pudiste enamorarte de mi? Dime... ¿Cómo pudiste...Jungkook? ¡P… #fanfic # Fanfic # amreading # books # wattpad

Por favor...no me ames. [Yoonkook

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Rap Monster está sorprendido.

[STARCAST] “Run, run, run en América”… BTS, chicos ardientes de NY.

Stop it 0.0

BJJZKI me: pre debut namjoon is so cute smh he- Yall: *throws receipts on how much i love jung hoseok the sun an angel*

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I honestly love the spring day song and mv so much, I’ve watched so many theories about it and they all make sense. The boys make songs that have deeper meanings and I really like that about them. Spring day reflects that:))

BTS Spring Day❤ Rap Monster♡♡♡

Hixtape is coming — Simple Rap Monster Spring Day behind the scenes.

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This smile, I'm gonna faint someday! He has the cutest smile I have EVER seen😁 I just love him so much!